Gain actionable
insights on competitors,
supply chains and
market opportunities.

The solution to achieving 360o market intelligence.
Go beyond search by having the system discover and surface relevant insights in real-time.

Coveritas and Partner Solutions

Micro-Agent Platform

Our innovation starts with our real-time platform. Our system is composed of hundreds of thousands of micro-agents that are self-managing.

Data Ingestion Pipeline

The key to any intelligence platform is the ability to handle a high volume of diverse data sources and data types.


Go beyond search by having Insights delivered to you. Insights on companies, themes, and business relationships.

Coveritas TargetIQ

Imagine being able to follow hundreds of companies, discover new opportunities and track their relationships, all in real-time. Now imagine having this system monitor your market dynamics, while generating business insights 24-7. This is Coveritas Target IQ.