Coveritas comes from the latin words “co”, meaning with, and “veritas”, meaning truth or reality.

As veterans of enterprise software companies and headquartered in Silicon Valley, we believe that modeling real complex systems in the digital domain affords us many benefits. In addition to modeling ‘things’, we can model relationships between them, analyze the impact of performance issues or unforeseen occurrences like weather events, and we can perform various simulations without impacting the real system.

We are at the cusp of a new industrial revolution called Industry 4.0. We believe in its transformative potential, which encompasses technologies such as IoT, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Cloud and Cognitive computing. But to get there, we have to tackle the twin challenges of scale and real-time. Scale as in large number of devices, large number of assets and large volume of data. Real-time as in right now, not in a week, a day or even an hour. Overcoming these challenges define our mission and purpose.