Welcome to the Business Metagraph Insights (BMI) system.  We built this to demo the potential of our Heracles platform.  Heracles is a digital knowledge platform designed to model complex, highly dynamic systems.  We coupled the system with NLP and fed it with a variety of data sources, such as RSS feeds, wikidata, Twitter, reddit, EDGAR financial filing system, among others.  We seeded it with 5 companies to track and asked the system to surface insights related to those companies – what’s going on, what are current themes, and what relationships they have with other companies.  Since business relationships are important, we asked it to track second order, third order, etc relationships as well.  And because relationships and news are time sensitive, we instructed the system to focus on current threads not old ones.  Then we organized the information into a real-time dashboard.  Since it’s a demo, we appreciate any and all feedback.  You can email us at info@coveritas.com.

Check out BMI and let us know what you think.